Garden Sheds

Garden Shed Whatever type of shed you want or need for your garden, you can be sure of finding just the right garden sheds at It's hard to imagine where we would be without the humble garden shed - after all it is used for so many different things and can be a superb storage space as well as a practical one.

Browse an impressive range of different garden sheds

No matter what type of shed you want, you'll find an impressive selection here. We've got a great range of practical sheds that are perfect for storing all those garden implements, as well as sheds that are designed for potting up plants and giving them all the light they need to thrive.

If it's a good quality playhouse for the kids you're looking for, you can be sure to find those too. From rugged stockade towers to practical playhouses with slides and ladders, you'll find just the right sized playhouse to keep your kids amused for hours.

Sheds in all sizes

8 Foot By 6 Foot Wooden ShedWhat size shed would suit your needs best? Are you looking for a simple and practical 6' by 4' shed to put at the end of your garden? Perhaps you want something a little bigger - an 8' by 6' shed to store the lawnmower and maybe the family's bikes as well? Alternatively you might want a roomy shed and a separate bike store to keep valuable bikes separate and safe from harm.

Our wide range of sheds is guaranteed to have just the one you're looking for to serve your needs. From overlap cladding options to tongue and groove walls and doors, you can be assured of the ideal solution every time you shop with us.

Cheap, standard or deluxe?

We've divided our sheds into three categories to make it even easier to find what you need. Choose from our cheap, standard and deluxe ranges to find a shed that will fit in with your budget and your requirements.

All you need to do then is to work out what kind of shed you want and find one in the price range you have chosen.

Wooden or metal?

Standard Metal ShedSheds always used to be made from traditional wood. But now you can choose to buy metal sheds instead if you wish. They can be superbly easy to put up and you won't have the hassle of staining them every year to protect them from the elements either. You can also purchase them in subdued grey and green shades, so they'll fit nicely into your garden space.

It's natural to want your garden to look its best at all times, and part of this can be achieved by investing in a shed. Since it will let you store all those items that would otherwise be sitting in your garden, it provides the chance to get a neat and tidy garden with an attractive garden shed to solve the problem. Whichever one you decide to invest in, there's no doubt that your garden shed will be a valuable addition to your outdoor space.