Know your garden

For many people, a garden without some cheerful and often showy dahlias is unthinkable. Dahlias are quite often regarded as being the very essence of any keen gardener’s space. Happily, dahlias come in all shapes and sizes which means that there will certainly be a flower to suit any space and any type of garden – from the huge exhibition sized right down to a modest window box.

It seems obvious - but firstly, you must know your garden. Take a really good look at your space at various times of the day. Make a note of where the sunny parts lie, where the more damp or wet areas are and also pay attention to which bits are subject to shade for most of the time. Don’t be discouraged if your particular garden isn’t in the most desirable aspect. Even in the most awkward areas, there will be a dahlia that will be suitable and can flourish.

As every gardener knows, it is also essential to understand what soil type you have in your garden. Soil testing kits are widely available in garden centres. They can quickly tell you whether your soil is acidic or alkaline and this will have an impact on what kinds of plants can be planted and thrive in those conditions.

Think about how you’d like your garden to look and remember that dahlias can grow to a variety of heights so you can be as creative as you like to guarantee a real impact.