Size matters!

Dahlias are such remarkable flowers. They come in such an astonishing variety of sizes, shapes and colours. It is no wonder that they have enduring appeal with gardeners of all abilities. Whether you have a postage stamp sized space or a huge show garden, there is a dahlia just waiting for you to give it a home.

There are nine distinct types of dahlia and the flowers can range in style and size. It is therefore very important to check the grower’s labels when buying the plants as they will give all the essential information on them such as expected height, whether it is suitable for a sunny or shaded spot as well as the shape of flower that you should expect to see when it is in bloom. So, plan carefully to make sure that the specimen that you choose will work in the place that you intend to plant it.

When planting, do not forget to allow adequate space. The tallest varieties should be spaced between 60-75cm apart. These can be used as backdrops to the rest of the garden and when planted in rows, they look impressive as well as being accessible for cutting.

Medium sized dahlias should be planted about 50-60 cm apart. These are good for breaking up bedding plants and adding texture to the garden. The smaller types should be 30-40 cm apart and these are always useful in any garden, especially if you want to grow them to use in a bouquet as cut flowers.